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TAOS NEWS: Red River to host 'Spirits Showcase'

The Red River Chamber of Commerce and New Mexico Restaurant Association recently partnered with the New Mexico Distiller Guild to stir together Red River’s "Mardi Gras in the Mountains" celebration and the "Spirits Showcase."

“As a guild, we’ve been trying to have more activities away from Albuquerque [and Santa Fe], where most of the distilleries are concentrated," said Scott Feuille, the president of the New Mexico Distillers Guild. "We really want to branch out and get to some of the more distant regions of the state.”

Naoma STaley, CEO of the Red River Chamber of Commerce, suggested the guild come to Red River so that guests at the Mardi Gras event can also enjoy local spirits. It will begin as a trade-only event for local restaurants, of which 13 are expected to be present. After this initial phase, which will last one hour, the event will be open to the public. To spare guests from the harsh cold, the event will be held indoors.


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