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Prime Time: The Business of Distilling, Rolling Still & NMDG

Have you seen the cover story featuring Rolling Still Distillery and Lounge and New Mexico Distillers Guild in Prime Time New Mexico?

"The business, Rolling Still Distillery and Lounge, taps into a growing niche of consumers seeking products that are local, organic, and hand-crafted. After considerable hard work, the owners are now riding the craft cocktail boom that has spurred an increase in small distilleries across the country.

“The more the merrier, I think, with all the distilleries,” Barrett said, adding that the New Mexico industry is more like a family than a competitive group of business owners. “It boosts our economy, the job creation across the state.”

Scott Feuille, founder, and distiller at Taylor Garrett Whiskey in Albuquerque is president of the New Mexico Distillers Guild. There are more than 30 licensed distillers in the state, most of them with a fully operational production facility and a tasting room, he said.

“We’ve got a really, really strong brewing scene here in New Mexico and now we’re starting to build that momentum for distilling,” said Feuille, who makes whiskey. “We’re doing almost every type of distilled spirit. It’s kind of a vibrant new scene that’s spreading across the state.”

Craft distilling is the fastest-growing segment of the adult beverage market, he said. New Mexico is a good place to do business, in part because of a recent law that allows restaurants to serve New Mexico spirits without obtaining a craft spirits license, which costs close to $10,000."


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